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McGuire Canvas - Gallery Quality Canvas Prints

Original Digital images transferred to

Gallery Quality Canvas Prints!

About McGuire Canvas

My Background


Hello and thank you for visiting McGuire Canvas. My name is Patrick McGuire and I started McGuire Canvas to share my photographs with you. I have been taking photographs for over two decades, as a hobby. For years I have had people asking to have prints made of my photographs for their homes. In late 2017 a good friend suggested that I should offer my prints online. This was the birth of www.mcguirecanvas.com . This is still a hobby but I am looking forward to making this hobby into a career. The only way I can make www.mcguirecanvas.com grow is with YOU!

For a lifetime I have experience great struggles and losses. Obstacles have been put in my way to make the journey more difficult. Through it all, I have been able to find the beauty that the world has to offer. In the past year (2018) though, that beauty is becoming harder to see, with the loss of some of my vision. However, I am out there everyday seeking the beauty of nature.

Wall Art for your Home & Office

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My motto, “Bring the Worlds Beauty, into your Home & Office” is just that! The images that I have captured are brought to your home or office, printed on Gallery Quality Canvas prints. I currently am working with two other businesses to produce the images for you. In time I hope to be able to manufacture the canvas prints myself.

Start the Conversation


With my prints in your home or office, you can begin the conversation! Whether it is searching for that Ant, reflections in a Dew Drop or counting the hairs on a Bumble Bee, you will LOVE the conversations created. Thank You for visiting  www.mcguirecanvas.com to view the available images and please leave a comment. I can’t grow without your input.

Thank You gain for visiting McGuire Canvas

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